A Synthesis of Ancient Knowledge, New Age Theories, Quantum Physics, Sacred Geometry, Science Fiction, Spirituality, Time Travel and the hypnosis work of Dolores Cannon





Earth is a living library of creation and beauty of the universe. A cosmic library of frequency and how information is stored in the genetic process.

Now, stars are very much like people, as you will begin to see.

They're alive, and they have personalities and many qualities like we have.

On a scientific level, they have growth stages.


Image for a second you are a star.  You are in space experiencing the universe.  But you want to experience something new.  So you find out that there is a school called Planet Earth and you can experience emotions and duality.  So you decide you want to experience forgiveness.  You tell your other star friends and family.  They want to come with you and help so they will come into your life on Earth and do whatever they can to teach you forgiveness.  Then you come back and look over your life and what you learned and experienced.  If you didn't learn the lesson, you have to go back until you do. Your star family will continue to affect your life so you can experience forgiveness.  They are most likely the ones who give you the most difficult times.  As soon as you come into existence you create karma. You then have to repay your karma.  BUT When you come into this physical world you forget everything. 


Are you ready to go inside and remember who you are?


Remember why you're here?

“They” have said that ours is the only planet in the universe that forgets their connection with God.

And we have to stumble through life with blinders on until we discover it again.  

They must forget why they have come, and where they have come from.

All that is left is a secret longing that there is something else that they can’t quite grasp.

That there is something missing.

They have to find themselves again, and stumble through life just like the rest of us until light and memory begins to seep through the blinders.  

Earth is a school that we attend and learn lessons, but it is not the only school.

You have lived on other planets and in other dimensions. You have done many, many things you cannot even imagine.  

The human side of the mind is sort of fighting with the nonhuman side of the mind.  

One wants to relax and let everything be, and the other one is just completely confused...too much going on.  

It’s like being two people in one body.

When we fell, we divided ourselves into two — really three, but primarily into two — main components, which we call male and female.

The right brain, which controls the left side of our body, is our feminine component, though it’s truly neither male nor female.

This is where our psychic and emotional aspect lives. This component knows that there’s only one God and that oneness is all there is.

Though it can’t really explain it, it just knows the truth. So there are not a lot of problems with the female component.

The problem is on the left side of the brain — the male component.

Because of the nature of how the male brain is oriented — a mirror image of the female

— it has its logical component forward (more dominant) while the female has its logical component toward the back (less dominant).





Now the grand experiment is actually the merging of spirit with biology. It is the merging of spirit with physicalness.

And so those who discount their physical bodies have missed the boat.  It is about the merging, the integration of spirit in the physical being.

that is the part of the grand experiment.

They are attempting to bring the human race back to the original plan, of a species

where the individuals would never get sick and only die when they were ready.  

It is the first time any planet or civilization has gone through the events that are happening now.  

They are curious to see how it will work out.

It has been said that it is also the first time an entire planet will reach the level where it

will increase its frequency and vibration to allow it to shift en masse into another dimension.  

Many other beings are aware of the “drama” that is being played out here, and like

watching a movie or TV show, they want to see the conclusion.  

We are unconsciously supplying the dialogue, situations and script for the actors upon the stage of the galaxy.

It is the best show there is.

For we are nudging experiment from the inside instead of how we used to from the outside. We are nudging from inside instead of from outside. For this has to be an expansion from within the form.—We do see that direction is not fully completed. There are still many humans listening to... misdirection.


Earth was a vacation spot, a holiday retreat, where beings from many different worlds and

dimensions came in the early days before the world was contaminated by humans.

This was said to be before souls became entrapped in the physicality of Earth.

For "Them" it is a time of reunion and

Their family coming home.





There are councils over the solar system, over the galaxy, over the universe, etc.

There are definite rules and regulations that help keep everything running in proper order.

Nothing is left to chance.

There are also councils on the spirit side that have other types of jobs taking care of the records of those living on Earth.

All of these councils seem to have a great interest in the accumulation of knowledge and information.

There are Councils that make the rules and regulations for creating life throughout the universe. There are Councils over the solar system, Councils over the galaxy, and Councils over the universe. It is a very ordered system. These higher beings go throughout the universe looking for planets that are suitable for life. They say that when a planet reaches the point where it can sustain life, it is a very momentous occasion in the history of that planet. It is then given its Life Charter.



So down through time they did this on Earth, and after a time plants began to form because you have to have plants before you can introduce animals. As life began to develop, they kept coming back to see and care for it. They formed the oceans and cleansed the air so that various life forms could evolve. Eventually the higher beings began to create an intelligent being. This has happened on every planet; this is the way life is formed.

Now in order to create an intelligent being they had to take an animal with a large enough brain that would have the capacity to learn, and one that had hands so it could develop tools. This is why they chose the ape.

Over time, whenever something needed to be given to humanity, these beings would come and live with humans and give them what they needed. Every culture in the world has legends of the “culture bringer.”


Gods of Egypt

Gods of Egypt

They are the ones who have come down to us as legends of gods and goddesses.

It is still happening now, but they cannot live among us; they would be too conspicuous.

The council that we belong to is a spiritual council.

It's not a governmental body, it's a spiritual council.

We follow the laws of One.

These laws come to us directly from the Source.

And we are keepers of the Light, and of the knowledge of the One.


We were supposed to be a perfect species that would never get sick and could live as long as we wanted. Earth was supposed to be like a Garden of Eden, a perfect place, but something unexpected happened and changed the whole plan. When life was beginning to develop nicely, a meteorite hit the Earth and it brought bacteria that caused disease. This was the first time disease was introduced to the Earth.

When this happened the beings overseeing Earth’s evolution went back to the Council. They asked what to do now that their perfect experiment was spoiled. There was great sadness. The question was whether to destroy everything and start over, or to allow life to continue to develop. The Council decided to let it go ahead and evolve because so much time and effort had been involved. They allowed it even though they knew, because of disease, that life on Earth would never be perfect as originally planned.

It was during this time, at the end of the 1940s and beginning of the 1950s, that UFO sightings began to be publicized. The higher beings went back to the Council and asked what to do since they are not allowed to interfere with mankind’s free will. That is when the Council came up with what I think is a brilliant plan. They said, “We cannot interfere from the outside, but what about if we help from the inside?” It is not interfering when you ask for volunteers to come in and help. This is how the call was given throughout the universe for souls to come to help the Earth.


If people are to change, then they must change from within, from the source of the intent and free-will that powers this whole system.

We are moving into a new world, a new dimension, where this information will be appreciated and applied.

Our bodies and everything around us are now increasing their vibratory rate and adjusting to a new frequency. Every cell of the body begins to vibrate at such a fast rate that it turns into light. When this begins, the temperature of the body increases and the body starts to glow with light. When every cell is vibrating at a very high rate, you will disappear from normal vision and move into a higher dimensional reality. This is because the body has moved in vibration beyond the third dimension and is now vibrating on a much higher dimensional level. This then means that you will not go through the death process, as you will then have a Light Body.

Aging will not exist for you, and you will have stepped into the next dimensional reality.

You can then access the next stage of spiritual evolution.

“They” have emphasized that this has happened down through time to certain individuals and small groups of people.  But what makes it unique now, is that it will be the first time that an entire planet will make the shift into another dimension.

This will be the New Earth and the new world.

This is described in the Bible as the new heaven and the new Earth.

The others who are not ready, will be left behind (just as it says in the Bible) to continue to live out their karma.  They will not even be aware that anything has happened.  Those who have not become enlightened, will have to return to another, denser planet that is still involved with negativity, to work out their remaining karma.

They will not be allowed to come to the New Earth, because their vibration will not match.

In the New Earth everyone will be able to do these things: to heal, to see inside the body, to communicate telepathically, to materialize objects, to bi-locate. These will be awakening abilities.
— Dolores Cannon

The New 5 Dimension Earth

The New 5 Dimension Earth

The rebirth of the new Earth will be painful because it is done from inside

Because everything is changing. The planet is changing.

Your DNA is changing. It has to change...

to hold the energy, to hold the frequency.

The main issues here is that the control systems of Earth, in this age, have generated a chaotic energetically scarce system that projects pain and suffering into one’s mind in order to function. That is literally the lubrication that makes the current system flow.

This is a result of the unchecked subconscious energies of the human mind as well as the capitalization of those unchecked energies in the use of cultural generation systems as a means of mass mind control. The system of energies and non-physical realms is literally a living organism that seeks to squeeze the mind to produce the required pain and suffering. This is largely a result of, or at least connected to, the mass amounts of continuous pleasure and hedonism that is present in the un-viewable portion of the public control system.


We know we have all been chosen to be human angels in His world--helping, rescuing, touching, loving, praying, gracing and serving our fellow brothers and sisters, of all colors, languages and cultures... without any expectation for anything in return.

Mass media messaging and entertainment programming will change drastically, from blood and gore, death and destruction (fear) to images and stories of healing and unity, peace and fellowship (love).

Old content that was once popular will soon be unwatchable on the new earth whose vibration will be dominated by compassion and grace.

As such the artists of the world will adapt quickly and begin creating new sounds, songs, pictures and stories of universal harmony versus earthly disharmony.

Much to all of these changes constitute a larger collective universal transition of eras here on earth in benefit of its predominant soul blessed species... humanity.

It is time. It has to happen. Time flew for the Gaia (Mother Earth)

to graduate and take her best students with her.

And leave behind the destruction and corruption and negativity and darkness.

It’s like she’s splitting off, morphing into two... a New Earth...a New Jerusalem.  

There won’t be a nuclear holocaust that was being created.

This is all a part of the grand design of the great light in heaven, the Council of Nine.



People spend years running away from their life. Their pain. But when you make a choice to live consciously and to feel pain as you go. Pain actually helps to be more compassionate, for myself and others. It's all in preparation and growth so you can make a difference that will fulfill the reason why you came. I'm learning, it's something I have to do. That I want to; this is part of who I am.



Every person has a purpose.

Every person also has a desire to be loved.

Everyone deserves to be loved.


We close our eyes when we kiss, cry, pray and dream so we can feel it in our hearts.



Before you have a baby, the spirit of your baby will be in the Auric field of the Mother and Father and influence them to come together.  When the baby is “conceived” that spirit will then prepare and help the mother and father’s life to improve and provide a home, food, money etc. until they are ready to enter this reality. 

The first kick in the womb is when the spirit enters the physical body. 

The spirit does not fully stay in the baby’s body till the age of 2.  It goes back and forth to prepare. 

Little children feel the frequency of the Earth.

We go out of our bodies at night when we sleep. This is why newborns sleep so much. They are adjusting to their bodies and only awaken when their body needs attention. They are still connected to the spiritual side, and go back and forth for guidance. 

The spirit is not attached completely to the body until the age of 2.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is when the spirit decides to not come back, due to the experience, wanting another body, lesson for the parents or something they had to learn.

The spirit must return to the body within a certain specified length of time or the body will expire. It cannot exist without the spirit/spark of life dwelling inside of it.

Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Curious Case of Benjamin Button


Mother's need better role models.  At this time, as hard as it is to hear, Mothers are very sick and they make their babies sick.  The mother tells her child to put on a sweater because she thinks it's cold, but her child is not cold.  But now thinks that whenever he is "not" cold he should put on a sweater.  

More Mothers need to realize that they are responsible for their child’s illness.

When babies are sleeping you can say “You teach me forgiveness, acceptance and love.”  

After 49 days the baby will be healed

– that’s how powerful women are  


Your home is a foundation.  

Do not fill it with lies, judgements or fear.  

Your child is just like you but in a smaller body.   

Children play seriously because they are honorable.  

Kids have no attachments and need to learn how to fix their own problems.  

Stop interfering with their playing.

Women will always look for God in a man.  

But within, they are the God of creation.  

Soon a new era of Mothers and women will rise.  

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

Women are capable of giving birth with just their consciousness.  

Soon Matriarchy and the feminine consciousness will be the standard

as Mother's know best.  Love your family as much as they can to live your own life.

Love is the key.

Because God is love.

love is God.


love is the supreme power.

And that's what we need to feel in our lives.

What we need to give to each otheR

and feel for each other.